Origin, species and strains

A bit about discus itself



Basic Keeping Guide

For total discus beginners



About our discus fish

Breeding process.



Buyer Guide

Prices and rules



Choosing aquarium

There are different types of aquarium to keep any fish not only discus. First you need to decide how big tank you need.

Feeding discus fish

About types of food you may feed your discus fish with. Please remember not to overfeed!

Filtration systems

Filtration is absolutely necessary! Different types of filtration discussed.

Aquarium water quality

Water quality is extremely important for discus fish keepers. Nothing kills discus as fast as contaminated water.

Clients photos

Introducing picture of the month!

Watch this space for our clients photos! Feel free to send pictures of any fish not only discus. You can also take a picture of your aquarium arrangement and/or plants. Show off. The best picture of the month wins 5% discount on next order! Votting openly on facebook site (click below):

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Your questions answered

Can I keep 6 discus in my 120L tank?

While it may be fine as temporary measure for small discus adult discus fish can reach 6-9 inch. Discus produces loads of waste but likes very good water quality. You should therefore allow 40-50 litres of water in your aquarium for each adult size discus fish.

I do regular water changes and still have loads of algae. What do I do wrong?

You did not say what your water parameters are? How often do you test your aquarium water? Read some of our articles about water quality and filtering.

I've heard discus fish are hard to keep so not sure if I'd manage. Just bought my first tank!

Wouldn't say they are hard however you need to put some work in to keep them happy! Read our articles first about water quality and filtering and also about feeding. Make sure you do not overfeed, do regular water changes and test your water regularly to be able to quickly correct any problems!

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